Boom.boom.boom.boom.boom.boom.laughter.scream.laughter.boom.boom.boom…..2a.m. What the? Why is this happening to me? Isn’t there a law against noise after midnight?

Quite simply put living in a complex or cluster environment can be complex. There has been an explosion of complex development in many suburban areas. As people scramble for jobs and a better life the affordability of “town house”, “apartment” and “clustered” living has led to many of us living in close proximity to one another. There are many advantages and some disadvantages.

The biggest trade off is possibly between our personal security and our privacy.

Knowing your neighbours every move as they walk across the tiled floor in the unit directly above yours or their rearranging the furniture every morning can be irritating. Routinely returning large quantities of toys to the upstairs neighbour each day because their children keep dropping them off the balcony is short lived. You soon realise there is much more satisfaction in donating these “unwanted” toys to charity. Don’t get me wrong I love all children. I have children. But when a neighbours child rides their bicycle into your much loved classic MGB (old sports car) you do tend to lose your sense of humour.

Personally I think the positives far out way the negatives. Street cricket. Street soccer. Children playing with other children. It takes a village to raise a child. Drinks with a neighbour after work while kids ride bicycles in the street. Believe it or not these things still happen you just have to participate in your community.  But it is not just about kids. Before kids I loved being able to take a decision on Friday afternoon to go away for the weekend. Pack, lock, gone. I knew that my place was safe. I could notify a guard if I liked or simply let my neighbour know. Great to know there is someone on hand to feed your pets if need be.

Complex living is complex

When there is a horrible incident it is great to have neighbours who quickly rally together to assist. Friends and relatives don’t always live close. Your neighbours are the best support network you can have. They are your eyes and ears. They are your security. So the next time you are either making a noise at 2a.m. or listening to the noise at 2a.m. give a thought for your neighbours and what it means to live in close proximity. It is about compromise for the greater good.

Lastly, understand that participating in the community is not just about ranting and raving on the WhatsApp “street group” about someone using their lawnmower at 8a.m. on a Saturday. It is a give and take relationship. At some point we all need to “take” in the way of help. Life is much easier if you have been a “giver” and participating in the community. At the core of this is ensuring that the complex is a safe and secure space.

Charlie is a young pup (app) growing up in communities where security is important and at the same time so is being social and welcoming.

Charlie aims to improve security and controlled access in a social and friendly manner.
A companion to visitors and stern deterrent to intruders.